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Tier VIII ISU-152 could live with BL-9 from IS-3 while IS-152/BL-10 would be a nice premium tank for tier IX. Unfortunately it's against WG own rules, so we have BL-10 at tier VIII, taking half of med with one shot SU 152 nerf - posted in General Discussion: wth? Freaking bouncing shots, missing shots, ridiculous. Bounced a HE AT round off a t-34-85. Explain that one to me. Not. So why nerf the pen of the ISU when it's ok for the S1 to have it at the same tier with a better wr? because they are trying to make armor relevant, and letting a tier EIGHT tank have more more pen and alpha than some tier TEN tanks was a bit lopsided The isu-152 needs a nerf - posted in General Discussion: Here is why I think the isu-152 needs a nerf i am going to show you the isu-152s stats next to the stats of. This channel is made mainly for doing tank reviews for people to help them determine weather or not they want to get a certain premium tank. I will do review..

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Crew Name Art Beschreibung Effekt bei 1% Effekt bei 100%; Reparatur Fähigkeit: Beschleunigt die Reparaturgeschwindigkeit. Effekt ist kumulativ mit Werkzeugkiste ISU 152 worth it? - posted in General Discussion: Im grinding up the soviet TD line heading for the Isu 152, is it worth keeping? Ive been destroyed many times by the. IMO the only two reasons for the nerf is to make sure that free tanks wont have guns that can easily pen the new premium tanks, And to let them reintroduce the ISU-152 as the new chinese teir 9 TD ISU-152 - posted in General Discussion: So I just finished the SU-152 grind and I unlocked the ISU just dont have the silver. Does anyone have any tips and advice for.

isu-152 Heavy armor saw an increase in performance to better highlight its tech placement. When a player transitions from light to medium armor, there is a very clear differentiation in the power of medium vehicles vs. light I'm not playing WoT anymore, please send your wishes and bug reports to wotinfo24@gmail.co Die Sichtweiten wurden wie folgt geändert: - Оbject 268 von 400 auf 370 - Object 263 von 410 auf 390 - Object 704 von 390 auf 360 - ISU-152 von 370 auf 350 -

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  1. Daneben verliert die ISU-152 einige 122-mm-Geschütze, wodurch man schneller das beste Geschütz erforschen kann. Wenn man das beste Geschütz noch nicht erforscht hat und die 122 mm BL-9S verwendet, erhält man mit Erscheinen von 9.20 das beste Geschütz
  2. ISU-152 crew skills - posted in Tank Destroyers: I have just finished my first skill on the ISU, and was wondering what skills to go for next. Please say.
  3. Geschichte der SU und der ISU-152 Geschichts-Rückblick Diskutieren. Ein extra großer Sherman: der T14 Spezialangebote Diskutieren. Rekrutierungsprogramm 2.0: Saison verlängert! Hauptnachrichten Diskutieren. Schlagt hart zu mit dem neuen Special Spezial.
  4. The SU-122-44 is a Soviet tier 7 premium tank destroyer. Development was started in June 1944 by the Uralmash Design Bureau. The vehicle was based on the T-44 chassis and had a conventional configuration, with the front placement of the fighting compartment
  5. The question is quite simole: What equipment layout do you use on the ISU-152? Personally i think Rammer and GLD is a must when you are using the slow loading and.
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  7. t az eddigi TD-k ezen az ágon, tökéletesek a rugalmas játékmenethez. Nem túl lassúak, jó az álcájuk, nagy lövegük van, szóval

Now I can finally kill some Caernarvons and Pz Vs in my beloved ISU-152 while looking awesome! I'm so excited and happy about this! Wait what. I'm so excited and happy about this! Wait what Any of my search term words; All of my search term words; Find results in... Content titles and body; Content titles onl Der ISU-152 erreicht nur 43 km/h und auch seine Wendigkeit ist mit 21 Grad pro Sekunde (26 Grad pro Sekunde bei der Geschützdrehung) nicht so gut, wie die des SU-101 Das erste, was bei diesem Panzer auffällt, ist, dass seine Bauweise eher an die des SU/ISU-152 erinnert als an seine Vorgänger. Das Chassis dieses Jagdpanzers ist flach und sein Hauptgeschütz.

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