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  1. Mycroft Holmes is a fictional character appearing in stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He is the elder brother (by seven years) of detective Sherlock Holmes
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  3. Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud is the first novel in the Young Sherlock Holmes series that depicts Arthur Conan Doyle's detective Sherlock Holmes as a teenager in.

Mycroft Holmes x Reader - Unforgotten Christmas. A/N: This was requested by @mikumaythebeast . I hope it is to your liking. ^^ (There is slight Sherlock x OC in it Mycroft X Reader. Requested by Anon. You had spent all day in the kitchen cooking dinner for Mycroft. You had prepared almost everything you knew how to make, which.

Stephen John Fry (* 24. August 1957 in Hampstead, London) ist ein britischer Schriftsteller, Drehbuchautor, Schauspieler, Regisseur, Journalist, Dichter, Komiker und. Dieser Artikel behandelt die Romanfigur. Zu weiteren Artikeln über gleichnamige Filme, Spiele und Bücher siehe Sherlock Holmes (Begriffsklärung) An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Work

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I awoke again hearing Holmes crying out, Mycroft! Mycroft! I had occasionally heard such shouts from him in the past, either when his iron constitution.

Click on any book cover to learn more. For a chronology of the Russell & Holmes stories, click here Rivers of ink have flowed about Sherlock Holmes since 1887 when he was introduced to the world in A Study in Scarlet, first published in Beeton's Christmas. A new series of Sherlock Holmes mysteries is afoot with the same familiar characters, settings, intricate plots and forces of evil as found in the original canon by. The Death of Stalin HD stream online anschauen - Im März 1953 steht die Sowjetunion vor einem alles verändernden Ereignis, da Josef Stalin..

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